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How To Prepare Fennel: 5 Ways to Enjoy This Mediterranean Vegetable

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How To Prepare Fennel: 5 Ways to Enjoy This Mediterranean Vegetable

Beloved in the Mediterranean, fennel possesses a delicate mild sweetness that pairs superbly with seafood, citrus and roasted meats.

Prepping fennel only requires the removal of its tough root. Then you can slice and dice this anise-flavored vegetable before adding it to sautés, braises, roasts and even soups. Fennel may also be enjoyed raw as it provides a pleasant crunch to salads.

Wondering where to begin your fennel adventure? These wonderful recipes will teach you how to prepare fennel in a variety of ways:

Fennel and Orange Salad

Fennel and orange is a classic Mediterranean combination. The flavors in this salad complement each other perfectly it's a perfect side dish for seafood or grilled meats.

Learn how to make this fennel recipe.

Lobster Salad with Sous Vide Fennel

This luxurious lobster dish is elevated to new heights by vacuum cooking fennel with orange peel, white wine and salt.

Find this fennel recipe here.

Fennel and Radicchio Salad

If you enjoy sweet and sour flavors you'll love this salad prepared with radicchio and fennel. The light bitterness of the radicchio is balanced by the anise-notes in fennel.

Click here for this fennel recipe.

Crab Salad

The natural sweetness of crab is further enhanced by the addition of thinly sliced fennel in this elegant salad dressed with lemon and olive oil.

Click here for this fennel recipe.

Pork Shoulder with Fennel

This gourmet Italian recipe comes to us from chef Giovanni Bon. He cooks Italian seasoned pork shoulder with Sambuca, fennel and pistachios.

Try this tempting fennel recipe.

Interested in more? Check out these tips for how to peel, prepare and cook fennel.

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