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How To Prep, Cook and Eat An Artichoke

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How To Prep, Cook and Eat An Artichoke

Intimidating. Difficult. Tricky. When it comes to artichokes, we've heard it all. Handling this vegetable can be a little bit like putting together a jigsaw puzzle but with the right guide you'll be able to prep, cook and eat an artichoke with confidence.

Enter this nifty infographic which illustrates how to prep an artichoke in three simple steps. You'll need a sharp knife, kitchen shears and spoon to get started. Those instructions are followed by a quick tutorial on steaming artichokes and tips on the best way to eat this elegant vegetable.

Take a look below and you'll soon be on your way to enjoying one of the tastiest vegetables Spring has to offer. Then put your new skills to the test with these delectable artichoke recipes. Enjoy!


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