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4 Beer Pouring Techniques Put to The Test

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4 Beer Pouring Techniques Put to The Test

Ever wondered how to pour the perfect beer? If so, this video from a user on You Tube which analysis’s four different beer pouring techniques and documents the pros and cons of each could prove very useful.

Chad9976 uses the same beer and glass for each pour, instead changing the technique employed. Pouring at an angle with the bottle neck resting on the edge of the glass, a 70 degree angle pour with the bottle away from the neck, pouring directly into the centre of the glass, the final pour is to keep at an angle with the beer hitting the side of the glass and tilting the glass upwards as it fills.

The video goes into some detail about how luring has a huge effect on the final taste of your beer and how a good pour will work to remove some of the carbonation allowing the flavour to come through and giving a much creamier head.

It really is one of those acts most people give no thought to but if you’re serious about enjoying your been in optimum conditions then it’s surely going to help.

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