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How To Pickle Cauliflower With Chipotle Peppers

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How To Pickle Cauliflower With Chipotle Peppers
Photo Screenshot via The Gray Boxwood/Youtubereenshot via Youtube

Cauliflower is one of those vegetables that is a true chameleon. Whether cooked in Indian spices, baked into a cheesy casserole or added to brunch favorites like a buttery quiche, it never disappoints. If, like us, you are in love with this cruciferous veggie then you'll want to learn how to pickle cauliflower.  

Pickling cauliflower is a great way to preserve this veggie and highlight its crunchy texture. The addition of chipotle kicks things up a notch and results in a colorful, spicy, robust pickle that would be lovely as a snack or served on a charcuterie platter. 

This video recipe from YouTube's The Gray Boxwood illustrates how to pickle cauliflower without any fancy equipment. As long as you've got a saucepan, a large jar, a can of chipotle peppers and cauliflower you'll be all set. Take a look below to see how it's done.

WATCH: How To Make Chipotle Pickled Cauliflower

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