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How to Peel Garlic Without Your Hands

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How to Peel Garlic Without Your Hands

Garlic: wonderfully tasty and versatile. An essential building block in many recipes but there’s a reason vampires don’t like it and that’s the stink.

The garlic smell sticks to your hands, your cloths, your breath, even the air and avoiding this while still enjoying the great taste of garlic can be difficult.

We’ve already brought you a great video for understanding exactly why garlic makes your breath smell with some top tips on foods you can eat to help combat this and now we have another useful video.

It shows you how to open garlic without touching it with you hands, a great way to release that lovely garlicy goodness minus the stinky fingers.

All you need is an empty jar and enough energy and you’ll open your garlic in no time at all.

Via The Telegraph

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