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Stop Ordering Coffee Wrong - Here's a Guide

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Stop Ordering Coffee Wrong - Here's a Guide
This video from Zagat shows you how to stop ordering your coffee wrong with some explanations as to what exactly each coffee order means. 
From the Macchiato to the Flat White and the Americano - it has a breakdown of each coffee, where they’re from and how they’re made. 
If you’re a serious coffee lover then you should be ordering it right and it’s amazing just how many people in the video have no idea of how each coffee is made. 
If you want to add even more coffee lingo to your arsenal, these info graphics will certainly help, just click on the pics to see the full versions.
How to Order Coffee Around the World:
Different Coffee Styles Explained:
What's Your Coffee Personality: 
Now, while you're waiting for your next chance to order coffee like a pro, here's a video that shows you just how good that next cup of latte could look: 

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