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How to Order Beer in 22 Countries

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How to Order Beer in 22 Countries

With the summer months hitting those in Europe and many people getting ready to head off on their holidays, any useful tips to make travel easier are always welcome.

If you’ve ever stood at a bar in a foreign country wondering exactly what you’re going to say when the barman looks your way, this infographic is just for you.

Created by Cheap Flights, the simple infographic shows you how to order a beer in 22 countries around the world.

Wants a beer in Italy, just say ‘una birra, per favore’, need refreshment in Portugal, just ask for ‘uma cerveja, pro favor’.

The best thing about the infographic is that it spells out the different beer phonetically which means you can work out what you need to say in countries like China or Russia.

Want a beer in Greece? Repeat after us ‘Mee-a bee-a paraka-loh’.

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