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Champagne 101: How To Open Bubbly and Make Champagne Cocktails (Video)

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Champagne 101: How To Open Bubbly and Make Champagne Cocktails (Video)
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Do you know how to open a bottle of champagne like a pro? Have you mastered the art of making champagne cocktails?

If you could use a few tips on handling bubbly with finesse then allow us to lend a helping hand. Our ultimate video guide to champagne will give you the confidence to open and serve champagne with proper care and technique.

These tips will help you shine at your New Year's Eve bash or any other festive occasion that calls for bubbly. 

How To Open and Order Champagne

Do you like to hear the fizz and pop of a champagne bottle? Odds are you are opening it wrong, according to this video from Zagat.  Find out why:

How To Make a Champagne Cocktail

Champagne cocktails add a festive touch to any occasion and can be flavored with almost anything. Here are some tips for making a classic champagne cocktail with simple ingredients like lemon rind and bitters.


How To Make Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail

Pomegranate juice and champagne? This dreamy combo is the perfect drink for any celebration. Try this quick and easy recipe:

MORE: A Visual Guide to 15 Champagne Cocktails

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