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How To Open Bubbly With A Spoon (Video)

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How To Open Bubbly With A Spoon (Video)
Photo Wine Spectator

Looking to impress your dinner guests or perhaps a Valentine?  You'll make a lasting impression by learning how to open a bottle of champagne with a spoon, a nifty trick from Wine Spectator.

The practice is known to wine aficionados as ''sabering'' (named after the original tool used for the job). In the video below sommelier Pascaline LePeltier of Rouge Tomate in New York City makes it look easy. However, a few little tricks are involved.

You need to make sure the bottle is facing away from you and your guests, find the seam of the bottle and scrape using the handle of the spoon. Watch now to learn how to open a bottle of bubbly with a spoon in under one minute. 

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    Now why on earth would someone want to do that? It is nor elegant nor useful.
    Don't like it.

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