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Michelin Chefs Show You How to Make Vegetables Taste Delicious

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Michelin Chefs Show You How to Make Vegetables Taste Delicious

It’s a real shame that vegetables are often relegated to side dish offering when it comes to cooking because, done well, vegetable dishes can be some of the most delicious food around.

With this in mind, we want to bring you another Michelin Chefs Cook articles, but rather than focus in on a specific dish or ingredient, we want to look at cooking with vegetables.

Let these chefs show you how to make vegetables taste delicious. 

First up is a rich, deep and umami packed mushroom soup recipe from Heston Blumenthal.

For a vegetarian selection that’s totally different, we’ve decided to go for this video from Thomas Keller showing you how to make potato gnocchi - a great Italian dish that can be served with any sauce you like.

Here’s a simple dish from Gordon Ramsay that gets a great flavor our of cherry tomatoes.

If you don’t want to make a salad but still want a technique for making very intense and taste tomatoes, check out this simple recipe for Tomatoes Provencal from French chef, Eric Ripert. Do this right and you’ll be surprised how intense and delicious it can be.

Trust us when we say this, nothing will surprise a guest more than a perfect roast potato. We mean ultimately crispy, fluffy, light: do them right and people will ask you again and again what your secret ingredient is. Tell them it’s all about technique, as you can see from this video with Heston Blumenthal.

If these videos seem old school, it’s because they are. They’re from the legendary Roux brothers who explain a whole range of vegetables preparations. The second part also finishes with the pair making tomato flowers.

This last video may not be Michelin but we’d hate to see you waste any of those vegetable off cuts you have from all this practice. Instead, follow this advice and make a deep vegetarian demi-glace - it’s truly delicious and a great use for skins, ends and off cuts. This one is thanks to ChefSteps. 

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