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Make Tuscan Ribollita Like A Chef

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Make Tuscan Ribollita Like A Chef
Photo Bour3/Flickr

Tuscan cuisine is known for its elegant simplicity. The abundance of vegetables and extra virgin olive oil in the region are the perfect catalysts for recipes like Tuscan bean and bread soup, known in Italian as ribollita.

Traditionally, the soup tastes best after being reheated for two or three days - hence its name (ribollita means 'reboiled').  A good ribollita recipe will call for three essential ingredients: Tuscan bread, cannellinni beans and Tuscan kale. Of course, you can improvise with local country bread and kale.

If you'd like to try your hand at this Tuscan recipe we encourage you to watch this video courtesy of the Culinary Institute of America. You'll learn all the tricks for how to make tuscan bean and bean soup like a chef. To really stick to tradition, make sure you enjoy 'reboiled' leftover soup.

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