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How To Make The Perfect Fish and Chips (Video)

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How To Make The Perfect Fish and Chips (Video)
Photo Chefsteps/Youtube

What does it take to make the perfect fish and chips? Well, it's a subject that's been debated to exhaustion in pubs around the world. Every cook seems to have their own recipe but few strike the perfect balance between a crispy exterior and tender juicy fish.

The folks at Chefsteps have stepped up to the plate to settle the debacle once and for all with a bit of molecular gastronomy.

Their recipe is pretty standard and requires cod and beer batter. But what sets it apart are two things: the cod is brined and a pre-batter is used.

An important ingredient in the pre-batter is methylcellulose F50, a type of thickening agent that gels when hot but becomes a liquid when cool. It helps contribute to the crispiness of the fish.

The recipe is prepared using the traditional frying method and it's so good you might be singing praises like the chef in the video. Here's the full recipe. Enjoy!

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