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How to Prepare Tartare, 4 Ways

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How to Prepare Tartare, 4 Ways
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The simplicity of tartare is what makes it so beautiful, and that starts with the way the raw meat or fish is cut.

Opinion varies on the best way to prepare tartare, whether to dice, roughly chop or mince the meat, and you probably already have your favourite texture.

This video from ChefSteps helpfully runs through four different ways to prepare the meat, including the spoon/scraping method for preparing fish tartare, which can be used for meat also. 

As you’ll see from this article highlighting four tartare recipes with a chef’s touch, chefs like to prepare it in different ways too.

The important thing to remember of course, is that the meat or fish has to be as fresh as possible. From there you can build layers of flavour and texture. 

Watch below.

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