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How to Make Syrup at Home

By FDL on

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How to Make Syrup at Home

We just love the idea of making our own syrups at home which is why we wanted to highlight this post called You Be the Bee posted over on Moose Currry.

It's a pretty detailed offering on how to make your own syrups at home using clovers and roses for flavoring.

It's not as simple as stuffing it all into a jar with a bit of tap water, as we all remember doing as children, making our very own line of perfume in our own back yard. Instead this is a detailed post about the processes involved in producing great quality syrup at home.

The finished product is one of those great versatile ingredients that can be used in hundreds of dishes and with this great step by step guide you'll be being the bee in no time at all.

We hope you enjoy this Best of The Blogs.

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