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How to Make Starter Bread - Infographic

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How to Make Starter Bread - Infographic

If you're serious about baking then you'll already know what bread starter is but if not it's a mixture of flour and water that's left out in a warm place and covered with a damp towel. It's then fed every 24 hours with more flour and water. This process triggers a natural occurring yeast that can eventually be used for making bread. 

It's a complicated process but one that ensures great tasting bread, so if you want that artisan flavor and look to your loaves this is the way to go. 

To help you on a journey of discovery into starter bread the designer and developer RJ Zaworski has created this top infographic that covers all the basics to brew your very own starter bread. 
Recipes, how to care for the starter, how to het that perfect crust - all these topics and more are covered, now what are you waiting for? Go make yourself some starter bread. 
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    This looks great, but usually a sourdough starter it's just made of water and flour and no yeast is added. Also a sponge doesn't usually contain sugar as far as I know..only flour, water and starter.

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