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Ever Tried Squeaky Cheese? Here's How It's Made

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Ever Tried Squeaky Cheese? Here's How It's Made

Cheese is a wonderful thing and learning how to make it only increases your appreciation for the fine subtleties of the ingredient.

Whenever we want to learn new kitchen techniques we turn to ChefSteps, and their latest guide on how to make cheese curds is a perfect starting point for anyone wanting to learn more about the cheese making process.

Curds form in milk when it is ripened and mixed with rennet. This is basically creating cheese in its very earliest stage: before it has been pressed and aged. If you’ve tried cheese curds you’ll know that the good ones squeak when you bite them: this is down to the way that protein strands within the curds rub on your teeth.

There’s a full guide on how to make the curds in the video below, and this accompanying post by ChefSteps offers some appliance of science on the details of how milk becomes cheese.

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