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How To Make Spinach Quiche

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How To Make Spinach Quiche
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Buttery, flaky and creamy, quiche is one of the dishes the French are most known for. The savory pie is made in a varierty of ways, with or without meat, and with any combination of vegetables that strike your fancy.

If you've never made quiche before, relax. This easy recipe shows you how to make spinach quiche step by step, everything from the crust to the creamy filling. The trick for the dough is to keep it cold and work quickly, which yields a flaky crust. 

For the creamy filling, you'll want to sautee the spinach with leeks and garlic to boost the flavor. Then mix the vegetable base with your cheeses and eggs, pour into the crust and bake. You'll see that learning how to make quiche is as easy as pie.


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