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How to Make Soy Milk

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How to Make Soy Milk
Soy milk has become a popular ingredient, it's used in a number of different recipes and drink preparations but not every knows how to make soy milk at home. 
Most buy soy milk from the store but it’s actually easier to make than people expect, apart from the time required to let the soy beans soak in water, the actual cooking time is only around 30 minutes. 
The best recipe on how to make soy milk is this one from ChefSteps which takes an in depth look at exactly how to make your own creamy soy milk from scratch. 
To really get into the detail they asked Andrea Nguyen, author of a book on soy milk and tofu, to help develop the recipe. There's also some solid advice on how to make sure you buy good soy beans and what to look for when trying to choose the best. 
Take a look at the video below. 
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