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How to Make Soufflé: 5 Great Video Recipes

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How to Make Soufflé: 5 Great Video Recipes

The soufflé, the classic French dish of whipped and baked eggs that can harness any number of sweet or savoury flavours, has a reputation as one of the more volatile in the cook’s arsenal, such are the opportunities to mess it up. Under whip or contaminate your whites with even the faintest speck of yolk, or confuse your timings, and you’ve got a sad, deflated mess hanging limply out of its mould – the culinary equivalent of a sad face emoji.

But, don’t be scared, it’s actually a very simple dish once you know what you’re doing. Here are five great video recipes showing you how to make the perfect soufflé every time, including tips from some of the worlds best chefs.

Happy baking!

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