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Keep Cool With These 5 Summer Sorbet Recipes

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Keep Cool With These 5 Summer Sorbet Recipes
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If you're stuck for cooling dessert ideas, how about sorbet this summer?

Learning how to make sorbet at home is easier than you think and doesn't always call for an ice-cream maker.

Sorbet ingredients are extremely simple, usually consisting purely of fruit, sugar and water which makes sorbets much lighter than their dairy counterpart, ice-cream.

Infact, being both gluten and dairy free, sorbet was also one of the original desserts used to satisfy a vegan audience.

Sorbets are commonly found as a palate cleanser between courses at a multiple course dinner but are also ideal way to end a dinner party where a refreshing and light dessert is called for.

Convinced yet?

Here are five recipes to show you how to make sorbet, from the elegant champagne sorbet to the classic Italian influenced, lemon sorbet ice.

Nectarine and watermelon sorbet

A great way to showcase summer fruits in this elegant sorbet ideal for summer parties.

Cucumber sorbet

An extremely easy recipe to start out in making sorbet, there's no call for an ice cream maker and even an unusual addition of horeseradish.

Champagne sorbet

Again, no ice cream maker required here. This is a striking and elegant dessert perfect for individual servings at a dinner party.

Lemon sorbet ice

A simple Italian recipe for a refreshing palette cleanser, this recipe only has 5 ingredients.

Melon sorbet dessert with lavender flowers

Using two varieties of melon this is a very attractive dessert to serve with chilled melon balls and sprigs of lavender on top for maximum visual impact.

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