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Infographic: How To Make The Perfect Scones

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Infographic: How To Make The Perfect Scones

If you've ever tried to make scones from scratch only to end up with hockey pucks, you'll be grateful for this visual guide that teaches you how to make the perfect scones.

This infographic from Australian lifestyle website Mums Lounge really breaks down the major obstacles in making scones. It offers five great tips and an easy recipe that will help you make perfectly flaky delicious scones you can enjoy for breakfast, brunch or tea time.

The  first tip - and perhaps the most important one - is that you need to use cold butter. That is because as the fat melts in the oven it will create steam which contributes to flakiness. Good to know, right?

Another interesting tip is to ensure the scones touch when you put them on the baking tray and bake them in a very hot oven. By following these and other easy tips below you'll learn how to make the perfect scones in no time.

Take a look below to learn more and click on the image to enlarge:


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