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A Guide to Making Tasty Salad Dressings

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A Guide to Making Tasty Salad Dressings

A great dressing can take a regular salad and elevate it to whole new heights, if you’ve ever wondered why the salad in your local restaurant tastes better than the one you make at home it’s probably because they made a killer dressing.

Making your own salad dressing isn’t hard but there are a few simple rules to follow to ensure your dressings taste great every time.

This food infographic from Cooksmarts is sure to help as it lays down exactly what you need to consider when making a dressing.

60% oil, 30% acid and the remaining 10% for interesting flavours. This is the formula given at the top of the chart before offering up some tasty suggestions for your next salads.

There’s three top suggestions for making dressings and a few ideas you’ve surely never considered before.


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