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How to Make Puffed Rice

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How to Make Puffed Rice

Have you ever tried making puffed rice? While you're probably familiar with stacks of cereal boxes filled with the light crunchy grains, have you ever thought about making your own puffed rice and enjoying it beyond breakfast time?

Whether you want to add some crispness to your salads, offer a crunchy accompaniment to your meat and fish, make a savoury spiced puffed rice snack or simply eat a less sugary breakfast than usual, puffed rice definitely has its place in the kitchen.

Intrigued? Discover just how quick and easy it is to make puffed rice at home:

What is Puffed Rice?

Just like popcorn, made from corn swollen under the effect of heat, puffed rice is a rice - whether risotto, white or long grain rice - blown under hot pressure.

Where does Puffed Rice come from?

Puffed rice originated in India in around the fifteenth century when it was made as a sweet offering to the Hindu gods.

In the United States and parts of Europe, sweet puffed rice is a popular breakfast cereal as well as being used in sweet snacks.

How to Make Puffed Rice?

To make homemade puffed rice all you need is rice (of any variety) and a thick-bottomed pan. Find out how in the video below:

How to Cook Puffed Rice?

While the heat works its magic popping the rice you can add in any flavor of your choice to the rice like chocolate, caramel, lemon or strawberry.

You can also us puffed rice to make snack bars like this one:

Marshmallow Crispy Bars


or to turn it into a delicious crunchy side dish, like in this recipe for Masala Puffed Rice:


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