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How to Make Perfect Pro Pizza at Home

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How to Make Perfect Pro Pizza at Home
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Pizza is a super simple and tasty dish, where the ingredients do the talking and that’s why we love it. But getting that straight from the pizzeria taste at home is tricky.

Anyone who knows anything about great pizza will tell you it’s all about the dough. You can have amazing toppings, but if the dough’s not right, it’s going to be a flop.

Allow ChefSteps to help. The first video below shows you how to make perfect pizza dough, though you’ll need time: that dough needs to ferment, and to rest overnight. But what emerges should be a light and airy dough that’s easy to shape – that may take practice to get right – and crisps up a dream on cooking. See the full recipe here.

Then, unless you’ve got a wood fired oven to hand, or perhaps you’ve invested in one of these stove top pizza ovens, you’re going to want to know how to cook it in a conventional oven. All is explained in the second video.

The result should be perfect pro pizza in the comfort of your own home. Why don’t you give it a go and let us know how you get on over on our Facebook page?



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