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How to Make Pasta from Pig Skin

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How to Make Pasta from Pig Skin
Photo PBS

Do you want a more porky pasta? Well, why not try making spaghetti out of pig skin?

Yes, that's right it can be done. It's actually a fairly simple process, involving marinating, chilling and then running the skin through traditional pasta maker, as you would any pasta dough, as demonstrated in the video below from Mind of a Chef, where committed pork-lovers April Bloomfield and Chris Consentino set about creating a classic pasta puttanesca using pigs skin as spaghetti. Here's another recipe for how to make pig skin pasta from Alyn Williams

The end result is sure to pack one hell of a flavour punch, though we probably wouldn't recommend too heavy a pasta sauce. The thought of a pig skin carbonara does sound intriguing though, if life threatening...

This pig skin spaghetti is probably as far away as you can get from vegetable spaghettis like courgetti, but go on, live a little.

Watch the video below. 

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