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How To Make Perfect Chocolate Bowls With A Balloon

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How To Make Perfect Chocolate Bowls With A Balloon
Photo Cathy/Le Prochaine Fois

Are you up for a fun culinary challenge? We stumbled upon these wonderful chocolate bowls and decided to share them with you as part of our Best of the Blog series. 

Now, if you've never made chocolate bowls before it's actually quite simple as Cathy Wu explains in her blog La Prochaine Fois. Basically, you'll need a bar of chocolate and plain balloons. After filling the balloons with the amount of desired air you'll be ready to melt the chocolate.

Once the chocolate is melted, you must let it cool to prevent the balloons from exploting. That's a lesson Cathy learned the hard way. It was thanks to a follower's comment that she learned the reason why: heat inside the balloon causes the air to expand, thus bursting the balloons in the process.

Aside from this simple tip, making the chocolate balloons couldn't be easier. Simply dip each balloon and let the chocolate harden before peeling the balloon off. Cathy recommends you make a small hole in the balloon to prevent it from deflating rapidly and cracking the chocolate bowl.

Are you ready to take on this chocolately challenge? Here are the step-by-step instructions from Cathy's blog. Have fun filling the chocolate bowls with anything you desire!

We hope you enjoyed this Best of the Blogs find. Stay tuned for more...

All images courtesy of Cathy Wu

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