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29 Handmade Pasta Shapes with 4 Different Doughs

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29 Handmade Pasta Shapes with 4 Different Doughs

How many different pasta shapes can you name and how many have you had a go at making yourself?

The video below, produced by Bon Appétit , shows you how to hand make 29 different pasta shapes, using four different doughs: egg, spinach, cuttlefish ink, and semolina – popular in the south of Italy.

Your guide is pastaio Luca D'Onofrio of Eataly Flatiron in New York, who makes it look oh so simple. You’ll recognise some familiar pasta shapes like farfalle and tagliatelle, but how about little nuggets like malloreddus from Sardinia, or braided lorighittas?

It’s a great tutorial on some of the lesser known pasta shapes, and is part of a series called 'Handcrafted.' Previously they’ve looked at how to butcher a whole cow, pig, lamb and tuna.

Watch below

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