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Oyakodon: Making the Japanese Comfort Food

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Oyakodon: Making the Japanese Comfort Food

What came first, the chicken or the egg? In the case of oyakodon, well you just kind of mix the two together.

The Japanese comfort food is essentially a chicken omelette (oyakodon is translated as “parent and child”) on top of a bowl of rice. With something so simple though, it all comes down to the quality of the ingredients.

Tokyo’s Tamahide restaurant knows how to make oyakodon: in fact, it was where the dish was invented, in 1891. Hungry Tokyoites will queue for up to two hours for a taste of Tamahide oyakodon and watching the video below from Great Big Story we can see why. The attention to detail for such a simple dish is exquisite, all the way down to how they butcher the chicken.

The result is a glistening bowl of egg, chicken and rice heaven. Does it matter what came first when you’re shovelling it all into your mouth at once?

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