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How to Make Your Very Own Mooncake

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How to Make Your Very Own Mooncake
Photo John Loo / Flickr

Mooncakes are a traditional sweet enjoyed during the Mid-Autumn Festival and a great way to get creative in the kitchen at this time of year.  If you are a keen pastry chef, try experimenting with different recipes, flavours and techniques.

A traditional pastry mooncake has three separate elements: the exterior pastry dough made using eggs, flour, milk and sugar; the filling made using lotus paste or red bean paste; and finally a simple glaze or egg wash to get the finished shiny effect on your mooncake (see main image). Have a look at our chinese mooncake recipe to get you started.

A mooncake press is an essential bit of equipment if you are looking for the traditional finish and the ornate designs on the crust. If you don't have a mooncake press, don't panic, you can try shaping the dough as much as possible by hand and use a fork or skewer to create your own designs. It can be as simple as making a cross or a series of lines, or more elaborate if you're patient. Otherwise you could try using a chocolate mould or a clean craft mould.

If you would prefer to try an unbaked jelly version of a mooncake and the chance to experiment with some more vibrant looking colours, have a look at our jelly mooncake recipes.

If you're not clear about any of the steps this is a useful video clip show you how to make a mooncake:

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