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How to Brew a Perfect Coffee Using a Moka

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How to Brew a Perfect Coffee Using a Moka

How is your home coffee game? Most people don’t have any, we get it, making a great brew at home is something that doesn’t seem possible without lots of expensive equipment but that’s just not true.

Across Italy most people have a machine called a Moka pot in their kitchen cupboard, a go to pot for making a what most would class as a semi-decent coffee at home. The problem is, not everyone knows how they should be used for the best results.

This video from the diverse and delicious team at ChefSteps sets out to explain just how to make a great coffee using a Moka pot. By explaining a few simple steps and misconceptions about the Moka technique of brewing coffee the video will have you cooking up tasty coffee at home in no time at all.

To make the tutorial, ChefSteps enlisted the help of coffee expert James Hoffman. Take a look at the video below to brush up on your brewing skills.

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