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How to Make the -aise Sauces: 5 Great Video Recipes

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How to Make the -aise Sauces: 5 Great Video Recipes
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Emulsifying eggs with oil or butter is a sure fire route to deliciousness. Take the three most famous -aise sauces for example: mayonnaise, hollandaise and bearnaise. 

All start from this base, though the eggs remain raw in mayonnaise, while a bearnaise is simply a hollandaise with added shallots, pepper and herbs.

Home cooks can be a little intimidated when it comes to making these -aise sauces, whether it be a fear of using raw eggs or the propensity of hollandaise to split. So with that in mind we've collected five great video recipes, including tips from some of the world's best chefs, to show you how to make mayonnaise, hollandaise and bearnaise correctly.

It's easy when you know how!

Learn more about the secrets of the -aise sauces 

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