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Watch Michelin Chefs Cook the -Aise Sauces

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Watch Michelin Chefs Cook the -Aise Sauces
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We've previously covered sauces as part of our Michelin chefs cook series, but for this installment we're going to be focusing in on the classic -Aise sauces: mayonnaise, hollandaise, and béarnaise

These are three basic sauces every chef worth his or her salt should know. But, there's no harm in brushing up on your skills, especially with tips from the world's best chefs. 

First up it's Gordon Ramsay with a simple recipe for homemade mayonnaise. Once you've watched this you'll wonder why you ever bought ready made mayo from the store in the first place. 

Next up, it's hollandaise, which is one of the five mother sauces of French cuisine. Below are two recipes: a classic Hollandaise from Wylie Dufresne; and one from Heston Blumenthal, with a few extra touches. 

Finally, and moving away from Michelin, enjoy this classic footage of Julia Child making béarnaise sauce, with the help of Jacques Pépin.

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