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How To Make Mayonnaise and Aioli

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How To Make Mayonnaise and Aioli

Have you ever tried to make your own mayonnaise? Although it requires a bit of skill, making mayonnaise from scratch is worth it. The flavor of homemade mayonnaise doesn't compare to the bottled variety and it's a great way to kick potato salad up a few notches.

This mayonnaise recipe is incredibly straightforward. All you'll need are eggs, oil, vinegar, mustard and a dash of salt and pepper. The tricky part will be emulsifying, or blending, the ingredients properly. To ensure a homogenous mix just make sure to add the oil a little at a time. This recipe calls for making mayonnaise by hand but feel free to use a food processor to make things easier.

After you master how to make mayonnaise, learning how to make aioli is easy as pie. Aoili, a garlicky sauce which has the consistency of mayonnaise, is made using the same techniques for emulsifying. This aioli recipe calls for raw garlic but roasted garlic will lend it more sweetness. We invite you to experiment until you find what works for you. Aoili is an excellent dipping sauce for fried foods.

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