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How To Make Killer French Fries (Video)

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How To Make Killer French Fries (Video)
Photo Chefsteps/Youtube

Who can resist a french fry? When they are soft and fluffy inside but crispy and crunchy on the outside, french fries are simply heaven. That's why we were excited when the team at Chefsteps published their latest video perfecting the thin-cut french fry technique. 

While it is common to fry the potatoes twice - once at a lower temperature to blanch them and later at a higher temperature to crisp them - you'll be surprised to learn this recipe requires a third round of cooking. It's a process that was popularized by the great British chef Heston Blumenthal, as explained on the Chefsteps blog.

We admit that incorporating sous vide into making french fries may seem a bit overwhelming at first but the video explains it all step-by-step. You can also turn to the written recipe for more details.

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