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The Ultimate Guide to Making Ice Cream

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The Ultimate Guide to Making Ice Cream

Forget being the BBQ master this year, forget trying to bring the perfect appetiser and forget trying to impress with your niche beer selection. Instead, wow people over by making your very own ice cream.

Anyone who has tasted a good homemade ice cream will testify to just how good it can be. Rich, creamy and so much more flavour than those bought in store, it’s hard to eat anything else once you’ve tried it.

As good as it might taste, the idea of setting about making your own ice cream is something that scares a lot of home cooks, either because they think there’s a lot of technique involved or that they must own some very expensive equipment.

Fortunately, both of the above statements are untrue and this collection of lessons from ChefSteps proves just that. It’s entirely free to enrol and and includes 23 different videos covering the topic of ice cream from true geekery right though to some amazing recipes like this vanilla bean ice cream video below.

There’s lessons on making hi-tech ice cream with ingredients like liquid nitrogen and also some tasty suggestions on toppings to use and how to make them.

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