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How To Make Ice Cream Using Liquid Nitrogen (Video)

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How To Make Ice Cream Using Liquid Nitrogen (Video)
Photo Chefsteps/Youtube

It's no secret we've got a mad culinary crush on the talented team at Chefsteps cooking school. Through their videos we've learned everything from how to sous vide a whole chicken to how blenders really works.

Their latest video lesson focuses on how to make ice cream using liquid nitrogen. It's a technique that's been used in restaurants worldwide by chefs like Ferran Adrià and Grant Achatz.

In just a little over a minute, you'll learn an exciting new way to make ice cream in no time (given you've got a tank of liquid nitrogen on standby). Aside from that, all you'll really need is cream, a blender and a blow torch.

Sound exciting? Watch and learn. 

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