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How To Make Hostess Cupcakes (Video)

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How To Make Hostess Cupcakes (Video)
Photo Popsugar/Youtube

Were you one of the countless people disappointed when the iconic Hostess cupcakes vanished last year? Although there's been news of a resurrection, that's still a ways out. In the meantime, you can satisfy your craving for Hostess cupcakes by making them yourself.

This great video tutorial from PopSugar's video series Just Add Sugar guides you through the recipe for these cream-filled wonders. Now, you should know that making Hostess cupcakes isn't as easy as unwrapping one but the results are far better.

Keep in mind you'll need two piping bags, a glass bowl for ganache and a candy thermometer aside from regular baking equipment like a mixer and cupcake tins.

After you're done watching the video below, you can turn to the full recipe for detailed instructions.

Via PopSugar

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