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How to Make Gulab Jamun: The Melt in Your Mouth Indian Doughnuts

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How to Make Gulab Jamun: The Melt in Your Mouth Indian Doughnuts
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If you love sweet, sticky treats there's a new one to add to your list! Have you tried melt in your mouth Gulab Jamun? It's a traditional Indian dessert, otherwise known as Indian doughnuts, of deep fried dumplings dunked in rose and cardamom flavoured sugar syrup. 

What is Gulab Jamun?

Gulab jamun is a traditional Indian and Pakistani dessert commonly prepared for festivals and important celebrations, like the Hindu festival of Diwali (the Indian festival of light) and Eid. 

Legend has it that Gulab Jamun originated from a Persian recipe which evolved in India. There are various types of gulab jamun and every variety has a distinct taste and appearance.

Traditionally, gulab jamun is made using khoya (milk solids), but if you don't have the time or patience to make it from scratch, you can easily substitute it with powdered milk.

How to Make Homemade Gulab Jamun

  • Homemade Gulab jamun are usually made with milk powder, flour, butter and cream or milk, mixed into a dough, kneaded then moulded into small balls, deep fried until golden brown and steeped in simmering sugar syrup. 

How to make the sugar syrup

  • The simple sugar syrup is made by dissolving the sugar in warm water before adding cardamon pods and simmering. Then add rose water to syrup once cool.

Gulab Jamun Recipe

The soft chewy pillows of delicousness are ready in under an hour. Discover how to make Gulab jamun in our simple recipe.

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