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The Science Behind Perfect Fried Chicken

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The Science Behind Perfect Fried Chicken
Photo Steven Depolo/Flickr Creative Commons

Okay, so let's start by establishing a fact: fried chicken, done well, is delicious. Crispy skin, flavourful batter, tender meat – it's a salty, nutty, juicy treat that goes great with a whole host of tasty sides, or in a sandwich, or just on it's own, each piece devoured with primal endeavour. 

But, why is it so delicious? How are these humble ingredients transformed into the savoury flavour bombs we know and love? What's the science behind it all? 

The video below from Reactions does a good job of explaining. It covers all the chemical reactions that are happening when the chicken's in the oil, as well as offering tips on the kinds of oils you should be using, how to know when the chicken's ready and what you should be adding to your batter to get the crispiest fried chicken ever. It's all about fresh oil at a high, even temperature essentially. 

Watch the video below and for more, check out Edward Lee and Ashley Christensen's recipe for proper fried chicken

Via FoodBeast

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