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How to to Make Flatbread: 9 Recipes from around the world

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How to to Make Flatbread: 9 Recipes from around the world

Love bread but not the patience it commands for kneading, proving, rising and baking when you're already hungry? Then what your world has been waiting for is flatbread!

Knowing how to make flatbread opens up a whole lot of tasty and quick alternatives to traditional risen loaves but a world in which you can still get as excited about texture and flavour.

Whether you want to wrap up, mop up, dip or simply tear and share ... flatbread is great for making sandwiches, wraps, scooping up dips, mopping up curries, for eating with your hands and generally getting stuck in.

Flatbread is also not a one size fits all idea. Infact its form and recipe change depending on where you are in the world. There are dozens of different flatbread varieties to explore around the world, from piadina in Italy to the tortilla in Central and South America.

So, why not take a tour around the world with us and discover some of the best flatbread recipes out there.

How to Make Flatbread


This traditional Italian flatbread hails from the island of Sardinia. It's thin and crisp sheets mean it's incredibly light and adds great crunch to the table. It was traditionally a bread for shepherds who were away for long periods of time, afterall it can last up to one year!  Wondering how to make it? Find out in our carasau recipe here.

Corn Tortilla Recipe

Corn tortillas are taken incredibly seriously in their home country, where the quality of the corn is fundamental, infact famous Mexican chef Enrique Olvera has even opened an ode to the tortilla in his Molino el Pujol restaurant in Mexico City. If you can't make it there try practicing making your own tortillas at home with our must have corn tortilla recipe here.


If you've been to Georgia, you won't have been able to escape the delights of the freshly baked flatbread, khachapuri. Learn how to make khachapuri bread and you'll never go short of friends!


Injera is an Ethopian spongy flatbread made from teff flour. Stews and salads are traditionally served atop of the injera which is then eaten by hand. Learn how to make injera at home in this tried and tested recipe from africanbites.

Turkish Flat Bread

This bread is a staple of Turkish cuisine and perfect with mezzes and dips, or even turned into a Turkish pizza. Discover how to make turkishflatbread here.

Indian Paratha Bread

Parathas are the popular crispy flakey flatbread from the Indian Subcontinent. They're made by baking or cooking whole wheat dough on a tava, and finished off with shallow frying. Although the recipe recipe involves several steps, the effort is most definitely worth the reward.


Classic crispy poppadoms are always a favourite, the ideal accompanient to dips, chutneys and pickles. Try making your own with our poppadom recipe here.

Naan Bread

Soft, pillowy naan bread is one of life's joys. While they are usually baked in special clay ovens in restaurants or can be bought in packets, you can easily have a go at home with our naan bread recipe here.

Gluten Free Piadina

Not to be confused with tortillas, Piadinas are a beloved flatbread from Italy and the perfect  way of wrapping up some of italy's finest ingredients like sun soaked tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and olive oil. Find the recipe for gluten-free piadina here.

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