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How to Make Croissant Dough at Home

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How to Make Croissant Dough at Home

Making your own pastry is just not that easy. This is why most people don’t try to make it it at home and why when it’s done well, we’re more than happy to pay good money for the privilege.

Croissants, for example, are avoided even by well practised home bakers. The folds, the block of butter, the constant flouring and cooling that is required - it puts people off. But it’s really not as hard as people think.

The videos below, produced by ChefSteps, show that making your own croissant dough at home is very much achievable and that the results will equal a crisp, buttery hit of goodness. 

The first video shows you how to make Kouign-amann - small pastry style cakes with lots of caramelised sugar.

The second video explains more about how pastry actually works with a look at some of the reactions taking place when all the ingredients are combined.

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