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How To Make Chocolate Mousse

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How To Make Chocolate Mousse
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Chocolate mousse is one of those classic desserts that seems to never go out of style. If you love chocolate then it's about time you mastered the art of how to make chocolate mousse at home. Whether you pair it with strawberries, tuck it into cake layers or opt for a vegan option, these three recipes will help you conquer chocolate mousse once and for all.

Chocolate-Espresso Mousse

A take on the classic chocolate mousse, this recipe gets a flavor boost from one cup of espresso. A garnish of fresh strawberries and Italian cantuccini biscuits make a nice textural contrast.

Easy Chocolate Mousse

A recipe from chef Vladimir Niza from Daylesford Cooking School, this quick version of chocolate mousse is thickened with arrowroot. The result is still quite delicious.

Vegan Chocolate Mousse

To the surprise of many, chocolate mousse can actually be vegan. Just swap eggs for coconut milk and follow this recipe courtesy of JivamukTea Café in New York.

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