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How To Make Chocolate Caviar (Video)

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How To Make Chocolate Caviar (Video)
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Ever since Ferran Adrià perfected the spherification process at elBulli, the world has been fascinated by faux caviar. It's one of the many magic tricks, so to speak, possible through molecular gastronomy.

If you want to channel your inner Ferran just watch this video below. The very talented Grant Lee Crilly from Chefsteps will teach you how to make chocolate caviar at home.

The process of spherification is pretty straightforward as long as you have some key ingredients on hand like the intriguing-sounding Sphere Magic, sodium citrate and calcium chloride.

You'll also need essential equipment like a dosing tray or syringue with base, all of which you is availabe for purchase on the Chefsteps website. Ready to get started? Watch and learn.

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