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How To Make Ceviche: Essential Tips From Chef Gastón Acurio

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How To Make Ceviche: Essential Tips From Chef Gastón Acurio
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If you are a fan of Peruvian food, you may already be addicted to ceviche. This cured fish dish has a pleasant tang and a cool, refreshing flavor that makes it ideal for summer meals. While ceviche looks fancy on a plate the truth is it can be prepared at home in as little as 15 minutes.

So how do you make ceviche? There are many versions of ceviche across Latin America so techniques vary from region to region and cook to cook. However, if you want to learn how to make ceviche like a boss, below are some tips we picked up from renown chef Gastón Acurio, Peru's culinary ambassador.

Golden Rules For Making Ceviche

  • Use the freshest fish possible. Never use fish or seafood that's been previously frozen.
  • Use only fresh lime juice. The flavor from the bottled kind will never be the same.
  • Squeeze fresh limes using your fingers. Kitchen tools would apply too much pressure and release the bitterness from the pith.
  • Never cure fish in plastic. Use only glass containers.
  • Consume immediately. Ceviche is not a dish that should be left to linger for tomorrow's dinner.

Now that you've got the basics, you'll need a quick and easy ceviche recipe. This version of ceviche calls for corvina filet, limes and ají limo, a sweet pepper indigenous to Peru. You'll find the complete list of ingredients here but the steps for making ceviche are as follows:

1. Place the fish in a cold glass bowl (leave the bowl in the freezer a couple minutes to get cold).

2. Season with salt and pepper, and add the aji limo. Mix well.

3. Add the lime juice, and let it sit for 1 minute.

4. Add the onion and fish broth. Mix well. Let this sit, refrigerated for up to 15 minutes before serving.

5. Serve on individual plates, on top of a large lettuce leaf.

For an interesting contrast, you can also try making hot ceviche. This recipe comes to us right from Chef Acurio's files and is an interesting spin on shrimp. Learn how to make it.

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