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Curious About Bibimbap? Here's How To Make This Popular Korean Dish

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Curious About Bibimbap? Here's How To Make This Popular Korean Dish

How to Make Bibimbap

Every country has a few emblematic dishes and for Korea one of them is bibimbap, a glorious rice bowl featuring a rainbow of toppings all in perfect harmony.

Bibimbap is composed of steamed white rice topped with an array of vegetables including alfalfa sprouts, red peppers, carrots and spinach, but also traditional Korean vegetables like bellflower root (which has a faint taste of ginseng) and gosari (known as fernbrake in English).

Some versions of bibimbap include a serving of seasoned raw beef, but all are topped with an egg (usually sunny side up) and the famous red pepper paste known as gochujang.

In theory, you could make bibimbap with any fresh vegetables you have to hand. A simple bibimbap can be made with alfalfa sprouts, spinach, carrots, red peppers, gochujang, and sesame oil, all topped with an egg.

Now, if you really want to learn how to make bibimbap in the more traditional fashion take a look at this wonderful recipe from renown Korean chef and cookbook author Maangchi:

You’ll notice making bibimbap requires a lot of ingredients to be thinly sliced so you may want to brush up on your julienne skills. Watch this refresher on how to julienne carrots:

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