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Watch: 5 Michelin Chefs Make Souffle

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Watch: 5 Michelin Chefs Make Souffle

Making a picture perfect perky souffle can be a chef's worst nightmare. Much like an omelette, the light and fluffy egg based dish can be the downfall of many a chef and homecook, despite its apparent simplicity, to coin Jacques Pepin's words: "simplicity is the hardest thing to achieve."

So, if you've ever experienced the rise, and fall, of a failed souffle, with your culinary prowess left as deflated as your dish, it's time to watch how to make a souffle from the experts. After all, who better to learn from than a selection of chefs at the top of their game showing off their effortless technique and tips garnered from years of professional experience.

Here are several riffs on the souffle theme from Michelin chefs, whether you prefer the smoked notes of Alain Roux's fish themed souffle, a classic cheese souffle from Raymond Blanc or go straight to dessert with Gordon Ramsay's home-made raspberry souffle, keep it a fruity with Eric Frechon's tropical souffle, or go nuts with Pierre Koffman's classic pistachio souffle.

Once you've nailed your souffle watch and learn from Michelin chefs on omelettes

1. Alain Roux talks us through this simple recipe for smoked haddock souffle with a poached quail's egg on top. 


2. Acclaimed French chef Pierre Koffman may have gone into retirement recently but his legacy will live on as one of Britain’s first three-Michelin-star chefs. He talks us through his classic pistachio souffle with a quenelle of icecream slipped inside as a finishing touch. A Koffman protege goes on to explain his twist on the classic.


3. French chef and adopted Brit Raymond Blanc gets to work on his cheese souffle starting off with bechamel sauce.


4. Gordon Ramsay doesn't hang around making his "no.1 show off dessert" of homemade raspberry jam souffle where the secret is in the jam.


5. Eric Frechon of three Michelin starred Le Bristol in Paris makes light work of a tropical fruit souffle made with pineapple and passion fruits. A perfect light and tasty way to finish a meal with "everything one expects" from a dessert. Don't forget to pre-heat those ovens now!



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