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How To Make A Romantic Dinner: Tips, Ideas and Recipes

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How To Make A Romantic Dinner: Tips, Ideas and Recipes

How To Make A Romantic Dinner

When planning a romantic dinner you should consider several factors: lighting, music, decor, and of course, the food and drinks. 

Candles and soft music are a great way to set the mood for romance. Select unscented candles or neutral-scented candles that won't interfere with the flavors of the food you intend to serve. If weather allows for outdoor dining you can create a beautiful ambiance by placing candles inside glass candle holders.

The table decor can include fresh flowers or special touches like a handwritten menu or place card. Extend the same ambiance throughout the home so you can continue the romance long after dinner is over.

Naturally, you should keep in mind the preferences of that special someone when planning the menu for your romantic evening. What are their favorite foods? Do they have food allergies or intolerances? Are they a fan of a certain chef? Answering these questions will help guide you in the right direction when considering what to cook.

Below are some aphrodisiac recipe ideas to help you get started.

Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner: An Easy Menu

Appetizer: Crab and Caviar Bites

Impress your Valentine by starting your romantic dinner with a gourmet appetizer that doubles as an aphrodisiac.

These crab and caviar bites will hit the spot. The unique twist? The are served on potato croutons instead of bread.

Learn how to make this aphrodisiac recipe.

First Course: Tajarin Pasta with White Truffle

These homemade egg noodles are a sumptuous dish made even more delicious when it tossed with sage butter and topped with white truffles.

Get this aphrodisiac recipe here.

Main Course: Thai Grilled Chicken 

Lemongrass adds a wonderful aroma and flavor to this grilled chicken dish marinated in garlic, coriander and fish sauce. It is an easy recipe that pairs nicely with a dry white wine.  

Learn how to make it.

Dessert Ideas for Two

Raspberry matcha tartlets

These delicate raspberry matcha tartlets are a delicate that is equal parts beautiful and romantic.

Find this dessert recipe here

Espresso Cupcakes

If your Valentine is a coffee lover treat him or her to these decadent espresso cupcakes topped with a luscious mascarpone cream.

Click here for this dessert recipe.

Heart-Shaped Brownies

No romantic dinner would be complete without chocolate. Your Valentine will surely appreciate these adorable heart-shaped brownies topped with a strawberry-marshmallow icing.

Get this dessert recipe here.

Valentine Centerpiece Ideas

Decorating your table for a romantic dinner can be as simple as arranging fresh flowers in a glass vase or fresh fruit on a beautiful platter. Select a table cloth that harmonizes with your finest china and glass stemware. 

Remember to set the table ahead of time and consider any special equipment you may need, such as a champagne bucket for serving bubbly or white wine.

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