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Heard of Naked Cakes? Learn How To Make One

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Heard of Naked Cakes? Learn How To Make One
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Are you in the mood for baking? Perhaps you'd like to give naked cakes a go. How should you go about making one? Join us as we show you how to make a naked cake following five simple guidelines. The result will be a gorgeous naked cake that will impress your friends and family. Ready for some fun? Let's get started!

What is a naked cake?

A naked cake is a cake that has been frosted in a way that allows the sides to show as if the cake layers were playing peek-a-boo. Since the entire cake isn't smothered in buttercream you can easily see each individual layer, which allows the cake to seem more natural, or naked, if you will.

Naked cakes really came to the forefront thanks to New York pastry chef Christina Tosi, who sells them at Momofuku Milk Bar.


How To Make A Naked Cake: 5 Essential Tips

Make More Frosting Than You Think You'll Need

The true beauty of naked cakes lies in the fact that each layer is separated by a generous portion of buttercream. It's a good idea to double your buttercream recipes. The excess won't go to waste, as it can be frozen and used the next time you bake a cake.

Even Out Cake Layers Before Getting Started

Frosting hides all the little imperfections in cakes and since this one won't be iced then it is important that all cake layers be even. Use a long serrated knife to trim any excess cake and obtain a flat surface. Make sure the cake layers have completely cooled off before you cut into t

Apply The Frosting Thoughtfully

To get the desired effect you'll need to apply a thick layer of buttercream and spread it to the edge of the cake so it slightly ''spills'' over the edge.  The buttercream may also be piped onto the cake layers for an even more decorative effect. A piping bag and an offset spatula are the best tools for the job.

Refrigerate The Cake Before Serving

Do not skip this step! After icing your cake it is essential that you refrigerate it for at least two hours. This will help the cake settle and allow the buttercream to harden so it won't slide when you cut a piece. 

Get Creative With The Decor

Edible flowers, fresh fruit, macaroons, sprinkles, chocolate, and all sorts of candy may be used to decorate the top of a naked cake. That top layer is your chance to show off your creative side. Chef Tosi is a fan of using crushed breakfast cereal so feel free to use your favorite snacks.

Watch: How To Make A Naked Cake

In this video from Southern Living chef Kristen Farmer Hall from the Bandit Baking Co. demonstrates her favorite tricks for making the perfect naked cake. Take a look:

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