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Video Lesson: How To Make A Jelly Roll

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Video Lesson: How To Make A Jelly Roll
Photo Screen capture via YouTube

How To Make a Jelly Roll Cake

Have you ever ventured into making a jelly roll cake? With its spongy texture and swirly filling this is a stunning dessert that looks complicated but is secretly easy to make. 

The trick, of course, is in rolling the delicate cake without breaking it.  This can be done effortlessly if you put into practice a few things.

First, ensure you bake the cake on parchment paper so it can be removed from the sheet pan without sticking. Once the cake is baked you'll need to transfer it to a large kitchen towel dusted with powdered sugar. This is vital because you'll use the kitchen towel to roll the cake before filling it so it can retain its shape after it's been filled.

This helpful video from the Utah-based Orson H Gygi Co. demonstrates how to make a jelly roll using the above mentioned techniques. Take a look:

Via Orson H Gygi Co/YouTube

This jelly roll technique is a skill that'll come in handy when preparing a yule log for Christmas like the one pictured below. It can also be applied to making other delicious recipes like lemon meringue roulade and vegetable strudel. Happy baking!

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