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How to Make a Good Smoothie in 6 Delicious Guides

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How to Make a Good Smoothie in 6 Delicious Guides

If summer-time means smoothie time in your household, or you're simply on a summer health kick, why not fire up the blender and go for smoothie gold: learn how to make a good smoothie, one you're going to get excited about.

Whether you're the adventurous type going free style on your smoothie ingredients, or prefer a more prescriptive approach with recipes tailored to a post work out burn, or even hangover pain, there's a smoothie solution with your name on it.

Take your pick of the six guides below that'll arm you with the ideas and the recipes leaving you to get busy with blending that glut of summer fruit and vegetables, you never know you might even invent summer smoothie gold.

Here's they are the 6 essential guides on how to make a good smoothie:

1. Smoothie Guide

If you're something of a smoothie novice this is a great starter seven step guide on how to construct a smoothie that'll satisfy, from the base to the final flavour boost -  the best bit is you can choose your favourite ingredients.

2. The Ultimate Green Smoothie Guide

Get your green smoothie fix and a taste for the health elixir in any number of combinations of ingredients highlighted below.

3. Smoothie Infograph

If you want a simple off the peg one size fits all smoothie solution try this recipe from Elissa Duncan where the simplest blend of ingredients promises glowing skin.

4. How to Make Smoothies

Want to come up with your own bespoke smoothie - try learning these five basic steps that give you a selection of ingredients at each stop allowing you to tailor your smoothie to any specific dietary requirements and taste preferences.

5. 18 Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies are not just for breakfast as this neat guide proves - infact there seems to be a smoothie recipe tailored to pretty much any time of day, from post work out to hangover hero. Now we're onto something!


6. Juicing Tips

Want to get blender happy? The good news is you don't have to peel all fruit and vegetables when loading up your machine. In fact you'll be doing yourself a nutritional favour if you leave some fruit and veg intact. Take a look your favourite ingredients and see how to treat them best.

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